Bollington Harriers Running Club

Sara - Welfare Officer

Sara Racing

From an early age, I have continually strived to achieve.
At approximately ten years of age, where the high expectations I placed upon myself were beginning to take their toll, my primary school began a running club.
It was the breath of fresh air (metaphorically and literally!) that I needed.
Within the same year, I was asked to run a race for the county.
I carried this new found love for running into high school, being one of the few to enjoy the cross country and entering every running race going for the sports days.
During this time, I joined the East Cheshire Harriers.
It was such a mental and physical release from the everyday challenges and expectations. Without a doubt, it enabled me to be more successful in my day-to-day life.
Fast forward twenty-or-so years and my love and respect for running has never wavered.
I still have a lot to learn and I’m not able to run very far (yet!) but I gain so much from the little that I do.
Joining the Bollington Harriers has been an incredible journey of meeting friends, overcoming challenges and discovering the most beautiful of routes. Bollington has incredible trails to run yet the Harrier members elevate each run through their warmth, welcome and wisdom.
Through running with the Bollington Harriers, I have learnt to run and talk -
I now look forward to each chat as much as each run!