Bollington Harriers Running Club

Laurence - Training and Events Officer

Laurence Racing

I came to running late in life, having ridden bikes for decades around the trails and steep mountain passes of the peak district.
I was renowned far and wide as ‘that bloke that rides a bike’.
And so With a midlife crisis looking down on me from the next hill top, I began to cast around for new challenges and skills to master.
I had for many years looked on with awe as fell runners ran past me on far mountain tops. Often remarking to friends. “Ha i could do that easy if I wanted too”
And so it was on a darksome stormy night (after a lock-in at The Poachers) that a friend chanced his arm. Or should I say leg (ha! So droll) And challenged me to my first duathlon.
Now the result of that race is long forgotten to the annals of time (not by him) But what I do remember is the spirit of the run!
So I began my long climb again to master a new discipline and finally one day I shall be known far and wide as...
‘That bloke who runs’
Though my greatest pride is always to run with the bollington harriers <3