Bollington Harriers Running Club

Helen Clark - Welfare Officer

Helen running the Sandman race 2018

I started running 15 years ago when a friend suggested we do a 5km Race For Life together at Tatton Park. It was hard. But I was hooked. It’s kept me sane – a run always fixes me. I have to enter events as a way of motivating myself. I’m a real slow plodder and have really come to accept this is my rhythm after spending many years trying to get faster and just getting more miserable. It’s not for me. I’m the long slow plodder who likes to be out on the trails in the hills and mountains in all weather. It’s all about fresh air and nature for me, being sociable and keeping healthy. I like to lead from the rear encouraging anyone to be able to take on anything. Just keeping putting one foot in front of the other and you’ll get there. It’s better to be out and about, no matter what your speed, than being sat at home on the sofa.