Bollington Harriers Running Club

Cheryl Evans - Chair and Welfare

Cheryl running the London Marathon

Feeling very inspired watching my husband and the many thousands of runners complete the Virgin London Marathon in 2012, I came home and started the C25K (Couch to 5K) training program using an app on my mobile phone. I never imagined that I too would be on the start line of a marathon. Since completing the C25K I have met many good friends; I have helped them complete the C25K, run with, raced against, discovered many wonderful routes in and around Bollington, and visited new places around the country overcoming many challenges and gained many benefits and rewards. Running has become a big part of my life and is a place where I have met many inspirational and wonderful people. Running has shown me the strength I didn’t know I had, it has taught me wisdom from my running family and shared with me many undiscovered places around this amazing country. I hope you too will enjoy the many health benefits and overcome the challenges that running can bring. I have never looked back...